Mission-Based Laser Tag


Our brand of laser tag is truly unique.  Our arena is 10,000 square feet of pure, exhilerating fun!  COMBAT OPS laser tag is played the way laser tag was meant to be played... with a purpose!  We immerse you in a multi-level arena that holds a full-size dump truck, a school bus, and even a tank that all come into play during your missions.  During each 30 minute session, you will play 2-4 missions that challenge you and your teammates to "complete" your mission and win the game.  Our game masters have created custom missions for all skill levels including: team vs. team events, capture-the-flag, king-of-the-hill, and our ever popular zombie and Star Wars missions!  Our equipment is state-of-the-art.  We have adjustable headsets (NO VESTS) and the taggers use real, powered close-quarters optics and require precise aim to make "hits."  Our tactical missions are what truly separate us from all other laser tag in the area.


Check out our wide variety of missions including: Domination, Infection, Sniper Battle, King of the Hill, and many more HERE.

Want a closer look at our state-of-the-art tactical laser tag gear, click HERE.

Our arena has a large footprint that will enhance the experience, giving players the ability to take “long shots.” Unlike traditional laser tag arenas, you will find that our arena simulates a more realistic environment. You will notice something new every time you play.

Most importantly, our combat laser tag arena and gaming experience have been designed for all types of skill, age, and experience levels. Combat Ops Arena is not only for the little kids, but the big kids too!