Laser Combat Missions


In each half-hour session of gameplay you will experience 3 or 4 missions.  These missions are typically selected by our game masters working in the arena.  Depending upon age, skill level, and other considerations, our game masters will select missions appropriate for the group.

Our game masters can customize our missions in numerous ways too.  We offer hundreds of weapon types with different sounds, damage, and range.  We can use any weapon in any game scenario.  We can make the game play friendly for little kids too.

The list below is just a sampling of what we offer.  Currently we are capable of running over 60 different missions and we will continue to build more and more. 


Operation Tango Down is a game that’s only objective is to survive and kill. Each player is equipped with the same weapon - at times you may be equipped with a battle rifle, sniper rifle, or any other weapon the group wants (we have dozens of different weapons). You may be given a secondary weapon as well. The team with the most "kills" wins. Watch for weapon upgrades along the way. Some may be hidden within the arena.


Each team has a VIP who is selected prior to the start of the game. The opposing team’s VIP is your main target. Protect your team's VIP at all costs. When one team's VIP "dies," the game is over.  The VIP is equipped with an upgraded weapon.


The objective of this game is to protect domination points (or objective areas) in the arena. An arena map will identify where objective areas exist. Your team’s goal is to shoot and hold as many of these as possible. When your team is holding these points they will glow in your teams color.  This is a fast-paced game that is really fun.  Weapon upgrades will be available as well as a few other surprises along the way.


This is Combat Ops version of the popular Star Wars movie.  One team plays the rebels while the other team plays the "dark side."  The mission is for the rebels to steal the death star plans.  This mission is really fun - the star wars theme music plays in the background.  Your primary weapon is of course a laser blaster!


The Combat Ops version of a zombie apocalypse!  This game starts with one infected player who is identified by a green halo and tagger—everyone else is red (purified). Watch out! If you get too close to the infected player or he/she shoots you, you'll become infected too. This game runs until there's one man left standing!  Creepy music plays too. 


Prepare to become a Navy SEAL or marauder. Your objective as a Navy SEAL is to capture the code and bring it back to safety. Your objective as a marauder is to stop the Navy SEALs' advance and protect the code. Watch for special weapons here for each team!  The SEALs' are equipped with silenced MP4's while the marauders are packing AK-47's and shotguns.


Similar to our Operation Open Range, this is a domination style game. All 10 of the utility boxes in the arena are now domination points. Your team must secure each box by shooting it and turning the indication light to your team’s color. Defend each secured domination point - the longer your team holds it the more points you earn.


For this mission, there are four “hills” where your team can gain points by securing the surrounding area. At set intervals, a utility box representing the “hill” will distribute points to your team via your tagger. Make sure to keep the opposing team away from the box as any “hill” occupied by both teams will result in neither team getting points for that interval.


In this mission your only ally is your tagger. This free-for-all pits each individual player against one another with only player one coming out of the fray as a winner.


No teams for this mission, every player for themselves. For every player you take out in this game, your tagger will switch weapon platforms to a superior weapon. Be careful though, for every time that you get taken out you’ll go back a weapon and lose progress. Get to the final weapon, take out five other players and you’ll be deemed the victor!


You are a member of a team of bandits pitted against a rival group. Both teams are after cash caches that are scattered through the arena. There are a total of 12 caches, each with a different amount to be collected. Collect for your team by shooting the box, which will then deactivate for a period of time based on how much it’s worth. Keep moving throughout the arena to get as much as you can for your team.  The team with the most cash wins the game.